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Discover Top-tier Electronic Components and Connectivity Solutions from SIMCom
Authorized Distributor

Why Choose SIMCom?


Comprehensive and versatile product range 


Innovative solutions for smart metering and surveillance, IIoT, AIoT applications and more


Applies to smart industry, energy, payment and agriculture, auto electronics, security, urban management & wireless gateway fields


Leading supplier of M2M Modules and solutions in over

180 countries 


Five R&D bases including a 5G laboratory 


Continuous innovation and market adaptation, ensuring products and solutions remain cutting-edge and relevant

Technical Excellence with SIMCom

Behind SIMCom's exceptional products are advanced technical details that set them apart in the industry. SIMCom modules and solutions are engineered with a keen focus on:

Wireless Protocols

SIMCom modules support a wide array of wireless protocols, including 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and Cat M1.


Reliability Testing

Each SIMCom product undergoes rigorous testing, including environmental, functional, and reliability tests, to meet the highest industry standards.


Firmware and Software

SIMCom offers firmware and software development tools, enabling customization and optimization for IoT solutions.


Chipset Availability

In both SIMxxxx-Qualcomm and Axxxx-Chinese Chipsets.


Integration and Compatibility

SIMCom modules seamlessly integrate with various microcontrollers,

ensuring compatibility with existing hardware.


Worldwide Certifications

SimCom Modules are certified from more than one international quality control associations: IC, CE, NCC, FCC, CCC, JATE, CTA, RoHS, A-TICK, REACH, ATEX, GCF, ICASA, CE-RED, TA, FTA, PTCRB, Anatel.


To know more about SIMCom and how we can help your business, contact us today.

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