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Global Semiconductor Distributor and Circuit Design Advisor

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Quality Assurance

  • Team of quality control engineers

  • Accredited ultra-modern QC lab - High precision equipment

  • Full spectrum tests: functional, chemical, x-ray, solderability, reliability, and much more

About Us

McKinsey Electronics is a privately held, financially independent global distributor of electronics components with solid engineering resources to support circuit designers.

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Some of Our Preferred Partners

We believe in partnership as being a two-way street in which transparency and integrity culminate, and our clients share these values to the core. We've represented start-ups, SMEs and well-established companies with the same partnership approach and dedication since our inception. Every day, we give our hearts and minds to developing long-term relationships and achieving success to our customers.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is well underway and already having a big impact on semiconductor manufacturing throughout the world. Technologies such as IoT, big data and analytics, digital twin/thread, and the smart connected factory and supply chain are all elements of Industry 4.0 that are becoming ubiquitous in almost every manufacturing company. But Industry 4.0 is proving to be much more than just new technology. It’s creating new manufacturing industries and new manufacturing processes to the electronic component industry. This impact is accelerating and changing manufacturing on a far greater scale than all the new technology put together. This impact is already being seen in the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR). As more companies are investing in the Industry 4.0 trend towards automation and data exchange, our team has played a vital role in supporting this transition through the Design Support Program we offer to our clients and partners. For the semiconductor market, Industry 4.0 would mean the high cost of wafers make attaching electronic components to each wafer carrier completely viable and presents huge benefits in increased production efficiency.

5G chips

Semiconductor in 5G​

The advancements in memory modules, including technology and capacity, are almost doubling to meet 5G device and application requirements. Similarly, the integration of AI chipsets on edge devices is viewed as a critical 5G technology enabler allowing a multitude of use cases that rely on both faster local inference and instant communication with the cloud. Moreover, as 5G is set to carry out a huge workload, the expectation on the battery life of 5G devices itself is increasing. The success of 5G relies massively on the semiconductor industry, which has powered every generation of microchip for the past fifty years. Therefore, market participants involved in the design and manufacture of power amplifiers are focusing on several advancement efforts, including material and processing technology. McKinsey Electronics has partnered with the leading semiconductors corporations to make the 5G technology accessible to engineers around the globe.​

Our Certifications

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