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Who We Are

Global semiconductor distributor and
circuit design advisor​

McKinsey Electronics is a global distributor of electronic components with solid engineering resources to support circuit designers. It has grown into a global corporation committed to delivering semiconductors and circuit redesign advisory along with the rapid advancement of technology. With a worldwide presence in over 30 countries, McKinsey Electronics continues to leverage its robust resources for the pursuit of business excellence.

Our team of engineers has vast expertise in electronic components (e.g., MOSFETs, resistors, sensors, connectors, capacitors, transistors, transformers, and more) coupled with a dedication to client satisfaction. We believe this devotion is the added value that truly sets McKinsey Electronics apart from all others in the industry. This enables us to respond efficiently and promptly to the various demands of our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) clients, from design support to complex component sourcing (FPGAs, microprocessors, etc.) and distribution. Our diverse product portfolio covers active and passive semiconductors, electromechanical components, sensors, as well as test and measurement equipment.

If you want reliable supply, excellent customer service, and genuine microchips certified by a top-notch quality control department, then McKinsey Electronics is the answer.

We aim to answer your questions on all technical and business levels, from design support to component sourcing and distribution, throughout the entire supply chain. Get your technical, commercial, and logistical support from a single source.​

Our Mission

At McKinsey Electronics, we believe that business excellence is at the heart of dedication and commitment, thus we relentlessly seek to secure a sustainable and profitable experience in an unwavering supply of advanced semiconductors, and circuit design recommendations.

Our chief aim to become a hallmark for a net zero carbon footprint is our endeavor to achieve down the line.


Our Vision

To become the reference in cutting costs for high-tech product manufacturers across the world.



We provide international logistic services based on Warehouse Management System processes and AI-driven algorithms to ensure error-free and reliable flow of goods to cut down on shipping cost and time - from our two hubs established in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. This process grants us high flexibility in terms of shipment networks.

What are the Benefits?

High Responsiveness
Short Delivery Time
Flexibility in Shipment Options
Global Shipment
Physical Presence in Major Worldwide Shipping Hubs

Our Reach

McKinsey Electornics World Presence Map
America: United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.
Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.
Europe: France, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany.
Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa.

Social Responsibility

We assume responsibility for the future of both electronics performance and environmental protection. To continue our successful development, we are committed to securing a commendable performance, day after day, in all disciplines. Our united team spirit and collective efforts focus on customer satisfaction.

At McKinsey Electronics, every employee commits to what we are and what we want to be.

Moreover, as we envision a world in which a healthy life and a healthy planet are basic rights for all, thus we strive to reduce our carbon footprint every day by using renewable energy and reducing our daily energy consumption. We are also moving toward a paperless office while reducing the use of plastic goods. By using renewable energy efficiently, refining our supply chain to integrate low-carbon alternatives, and engaging in carbon offsetting, we maintain our rigid dedication to creating a green environment.


Looking for specific part numbers?

Our Certifications

McKinsey Electronics continually displays its capability to offer customers a constant supply of electronic components and circuit design services that satisfy client needs as well as relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, through the efficient use of the system, including system improvement processes and the assurance of adherence to customer and applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, we always strive to increase customer satisfaction.
ISO 10002
We prioritize effective complaints management as a critical component of enhancing customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we adhere to the systematic approach set forth in ISO 10002, for receiving, resolving, and analyzing complaints. Hence, we can continuously improve our complaints-handling process while ensuring customer confidentiality. At McKinsey Electronics, we always strive to provide an exceptional customer experience that exceeds expectations.
While we manage our environmental responsibilities in a methodical approach that supports the environmental pillar of sustainability, we keep McKinsey Electronics' environmental performance constantly under the spotlight. We accomplish this by meeting regulatory requirements and steadily achieving fluctuating environmental goals year after year. For more information about our corporate social responsibility.
The ERAI Certification is a clear reflection of McKinsey Electronics' commitment to ensuring the integrity and quality of the electronic components we supply. It allows us to efficiently manage and mitigate risks related to counterfeit electronic components. In accordance with the strict standards of ERAI, we maintain a vigilant, comprehensive approach to supply chain security. This achievement is not only testament to our rigorous quality control and high service standards but also affirms our dedication to safeguarding our customers from the negative impacts of counterfeit parts. 
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