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The Universality of Semiconductors

Digitalization has skyrocketed in the past few years and significantly shaped the future of technologies in many ways! A wide array of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and others are rising across multiple industries, and companies are continuously seeking to employ them to evolve their business on the global map. In this regard, comes the microchip, which is at the heart of all these cutting-edge technologies, and which is the key enabler for their functioning. Let’s put it more simply, semiconductors serve like a translator from a physical point to a digital one, and many applications or products that we take for granted cannot function without them.

Consider this, millions of people around the globe carry along a smartphone digital camera—a utility that captures and stores people’s memories. Of course, at some point in your life, you have probably wondered how a camera could transform a physical-real image into digital data in only a fraction of a second! The answer is simple: Semiconductor sensors. These sensors can turn what the camera lens displays immediately into a real image.

How about the electronic equipment at home or work or any other place? Even the radio in your car or any pre-installed smart system that ensures proper monitoring of your overall car’s functions is primarily controlled and signaled by tiny semiconductors. However, this is not as easy as it may seem—as there are core elements for the production of a semiconductor.

Several vital components are involved in the production of a semiconductor chip, ranging between metal, silicon, and copper, among others—all based on leading technologies. Moreover, is it worth noting that chip components can travel more than 25,000 miles by the time it finds their way into the millions of products that rely on chips to operate.

At McKinsey Electronics, we always try to push the envelope in seeking to supply all types of equivalent chips and circuit redesign besides the huge in-house stock we have. Our arms extend far to reach out to every corner of the globe. By ensuring we supply global markets with efficient services, we pride ourselves to stay at the forefront of electronic supplies and solutions. Find out further info on McKinsey Electronics, by simply visiting our website.

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