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Product Categories

  • Anti-Static, ESD, Clean Room Products 

  • Cables, Wires – Management 

  • Connectors, Interconnects 

  • Filters 

  • Integrated Circuits (ICs)

  • Maker/DIY, Educational

  • Networking Solutions 

  • Power Supplies – External/Internal (Off-Board)

  • RF and Wireless

  • Tools

  • Boxes, Enclosures, Racks 

  • Circuit Protection

  • Development Boards, Kits, Programmers 

  • Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories

  • Kits

  • Memory – Modules, Cards

  • Optical Inspection Equipment

  • Prototyping, Fabrication Products

  • Sensors, Transducers

  • Cables Assemblies

  • Computer Equipment 

  • Embedded Computers 

  • Industrial Automation and Controls 

  • Line Protection, Distribution, Backups 

  • Motors, Actuators, Solenoids and Drivers 

  • Optoelectronics 

  • Relays

  • Test and Measurement

Recent Products

CompactDAQ Current Input Measurement Modules.jpeg

CompactDAQ Current Input Measurement Modules 

The CompactDAQ current input measurement modules are suitable for high-performance and monitoring applications.

PXI Waveform Bundles 

The PXI waveform generator bundles feature up to two output channels with up to 80 MHz bandwidth. 

PXI Programmable Power Supply Bundles 

The PXI programmable power supply (PPS) bundles include a 120 W PXIe PPS in a five-slot PXI Express-Based measurement system controlled through a laptop’s Thunderbolt™ USB-C® port.

CompactDAQ Sound/Vibration Measurement Modules 

The C Series sound and vibration modules are designed for IEPE sound and vibration sensor connections and data collecting. 

CompactDAQ Voltage Input Measurement Modules 

The CompactDAQ analog input modules measure temperature, sound, strain, pressure, load, vibration and more. 

CompactDAQ Temp Measurement Modules

The CompactDAQ C series temperature input modules measure signals from temperature sensors such as thermocouples. 

PXI Source Measure Unit Bundles.jpeg

PXI Source Measure Unit Bundles 

The PXI bundles include a PXIe SMU in a five-slot PXI Express-Based measurement system controlled through a laptop’s Thunderbolt™ USB-C® port. 

C Series Strain/Bridge Measurement Modules for CompactDAQ Chassis

The C Series measurements modules for CompactDAQ chassis offer options for quarter, half and full-bridge sensors. 

Featured Product Categories

Multifunction I/O Cable and Accessory Compatibility 

This guide covers all the required and optional accessories available for NI multifunction I/O devices. 

Multifunction I:O Cable and Accessory Compatibility.jpg

Getting Started with DAQExpress Video Series

This video series covers several topics in DAQExpress, including taking your first measurement, recording your data and triggering the start of an acquisition. 

Getting Started with DAQExpress Video Series.png

About National Instruments

National Instruments (NI), part of Emerson, is a leading global provider of software, hardware and integrated systems designed to empower engineers and scientists in overcoming complex engineering challenges. With a history spanning over four decades, NI has established itself as a leader in the field, offering key solutions across various industries.

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