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AI and Semiconductors

Looking toward the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to exceed human intelligence and perhaps threaten the abilities of mankind, as it allows computers to “think” and “learn”— mere imitation of human abilities. Whether or not this assumption holds true, one cannot disregard the remarkable integration of this robust technology across a wide spectrum of applications and industries such as the semiconductor sphere.

Since microchips have unique features that enable them to function as both an insulator and a conductor, depending on the related environmental factors, this make them pivotal to modern technology and innovative advancements such as AI. As this technology began showing stunning results such as voice recognition, language interactions, composing music and drawing paintings, and much more, it has also contributed to the semiconductor industry “Already, researchers have created chips that mimic human synapses, firing only when needed instead of constantly remaining ‘on’. In addition, nonvolatile memory technology allows data storage even when turned off. Combining this with processing logic will allow chips to adapt to AI demands.”

Future forecasts say that in the few years to come, the AI market will reach skyrocketing profits as more microchips will be manufactured. However, while the future of the semiconductor business seems promising, no one certainly knows where it is headed, since many factors are involved in this process.

AI has a substantial role in the manufacture and supply of these transistors. McKinsey Electronics will continue to supply them to clients irrespective of all microchip shortcomings that brought about detrimental effects on businesses’ performance as early of 2021 to date. By helping companies secure their needs, you may rest assured that we are successfully taking their business to new heights! Check out our website to stay updated on the latest in the market, and send us your inquiries here.


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