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Discover a Legacy in Software-connected Automated Test & Measurement Systems:

Your NI now Emerson Distributor for Africa and the Middle East

Develop automated research, validation and production test systems.

Measure and analyze physical and electrical phenomena. 

Create high-performance mixed-measurement systems.

Change the way you test you test and measure technology.


Graphical programming environment used to develop automated research, validation and production test systems


  • Thousands of available analysis functions

  • Configurable, interactive display elements

  • Drivers for automating every instrument and data acquisition hardware

  • Connectivity to other languages and industry-standard protocols



Acquire data and control instruments 


Develop with graphical programming 


Build high-speed measurement and control systems with FPGAs


Monitor and interact with tests


Gain insights from data


Remote access to test system 


Communication using industry protocols 


Add code from other programming languages 


Automate a sequence of tests


LabVIEW Editions

LabVIEW Base

Ideal for building simple test and measurement applications

Test Workflow Standard

Ideal for applications requiring hardware automation, data analysis, automated reporting and remote access to test

Test Workflow Pro

Ideal for applications that need test sequencing, more data visualization capabilities and advanced analysis features

LabVIEW+ Suite

A collection of purpose-built tools catered to automating measurements, analysis and tests, saving you time.


  • Software solutions to reduce development time

  • Increasing data usage 

  • Preventing rework

  • Accelerating hardware integration and system development



Configure, visualize and automate measurement


Meet challenging test coverage requirements 


Analyze data and share reports


Set up large data logging systems with custom functionality  


Build measurement and test steps into comprehensive test sequences


Increase test coverage 


What’s included in LabVIEW+ Suite

  • TestStand: Easily build, deploy and scale test sequences 

  • DIAdem: Efficiently manage and analyze data 

  • InstrumentStudio: Simultaneous interaction with multiple instruments

  • FlexLogger: Measurements in minutes without programming  


Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of collecting and measuring physical or electrical phenomena, such as temperature, pressure, sound, voltage, or current.
This process involves the use of sensors to detect and transmit signals, hardware to perform the measurements, and computer software like LabVIEW to analyze and interpret the data.


  • Accurate: Maximizing accuracy of measurements for automated data acquisition

  • Scalable: Controlling multiple systems as part of one synchronized application 

  • Flexible: Tailoring mixed-measurement systems based on application needs, with the possibility to add or replace hardware as needs change

  • Programmable: Programing hardware with the same API in the language of choice, including G, Python, ANSI C, C#, and .NET


Types of DAQ

More than 600 input and output modules ranging from DC to mmWave, including modular instruments, such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters

  • PC-based systems: customizable, accurate and cost-effective electrical and physical measurements 

  • CompactDAQ: portable and flexible approach, ideal for applications with a wide mix of measurement types. Rugged hardware, making it a great fit for high-channel-count distributed applications in the field

  • CompactRIO: real-time data processing capabilities, sensor-specific conditioned I/O. Closely integrated software toolchain for long-running, industrial data acquisition applications

  • PXI: modular approach for high-channel-count data acquisition and sensor measurement applications. Flexible range of channels (10 to 100+), allowing for flexible measurement functionality and output capabilities

Measurement Types








Sound & Vibration


Strain, Pressure & Force


  • Power accessories

  • Cables 

  • Connectors 

  • Sensors


Composed of three main hardware components: multi-slot chassis, controller, and modules. System software is both reconfigurable and customizable. PXI is used by engineers to create high-performance mixed-measurement systems for production testing and validation.


  • Industry Standards: an open standard for test hardware. Industry-standard for automated test with 60+ vendors offering specialty modules

  • Scalable:  possibility to synchronize measurements across multiple modules or chassis, allowing the addition of modules as requirements change

  • Built for automated test: hardware provides best-in-class accuracy, industry-proven reliability, and unparalleled timing and synchronization capabilities

  • Software-defined: open functionality, allowing engineers to develop measurement and analysis programs specific to their application using LabView, Python or other languages

  • Services: extended variety of services, including, repair services, lifecycle services, configuration and calibration 

Types of Modules

More than 600 input and output modules ranging from DC to mmWave, including modular instruments, such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters

  • Digital Multimeter 

  • Vector Signal Transceiver 

  • Analog Output 

  • Multifunction I/O

  • Waveform Generator

  • Programmable Power Supply 

Best for

Electronic Devices.jpg

Electronic devices’ production test systems 


High-channel, high-speed test applications


Automated validation test


Combining instruments, sensor, and electrical measurements

Why Choose NI?

Connecting a test instrument to a computer: an idea, as bold as it is simple, changed the way technology was tested and measured forever


To ensure new technologies deliver the highest levels of safety, reliability and functionality, while also meeting demand faster than ever 


A constant evolution of test and measurement technologies meeting the growing complexity of new products


A software-connected approach revolutionizing how enterprises use test systems and insights to drive product and business performance

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