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Varitronix International Limited, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) for a broad range of markets, including sophisticated commercial, industrial, medical, Automotive and military display products.


Super Twisted Nematic (STN) yellow-green transflective lcd graphic module composed of 128 x 128 dots STN Positive Yellow Transflective LCD graphic module. Driving scheme: 1:128 multiplexed drive, 1/12.4 bias. Viewing direction: 6 O’clock. 8K byte display SRAM. Yellow-Green LED03 backlight.


Twisted Nematic LCD Numeric Display Modules Gray Reflective 2 digits based on 7-Segment. Expected lifetime under normal operating conditions: 50,000 hours (commercial) /100,000 hours (extended temperature). Lead free/RoHS Compliant-27.90mmx30.50mmx2.80mm.


Twisted Nematic LCD Numeric Display Modules 8 digits based on 14-Segment without Backlight 52.00mm x 22.00mm x 2.80mm. Lead free/RoHS Compliant. High reliability makes this technology ideal for industrial and consumer applications from measurement equipment and status indicators to medical equipment and factory automation.

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