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Recent Products



An advanced Military-Field Grade 3-Phase 440 Vrms Input UPS. Additional features a 500 W or single 1250 W DC output, a DC input rated for military 28 VDC sources, and an electronic breaker on the AC output, providing fault-tolerant parallel operation for higher power and/or N+M redundancy.



A new Mil-COTS 270F Vin DC-DC Sixteenth Brick Modules. Based on SynQor’s next generation, isolated, fixed frequency synchronous rectifier technology, these modules boast an exceptional power density, optimize space and help to alleviate layout restraint challenges faced by power system designers.

Featured Products

Military Power Supplies and Systems

Designed for military and aerospace solutions and made in the USA, SynQor holds a vast line of converters, filters and power supply systems.

Industrial Power Supplies

Powering industries, SynQor boasts an extensive line of ruggedized DC-DC converters, EMI filters and AC-DC power supplies.

About SynQor

SynQor, established in the US in 1997, specializes in producing made in the USA high-efficiency power conversion solutions for the aerospace, defense, medical, transportation and telecommunications industries. The company is renowned for its high-reliability products such as DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies and EMI filters, crucial for ensuring performance and efficiency in critical scenarios. SynQor's technology is meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of its diverse clientele, providing durable and dependable power solutions necessary for the uninterrupted operation of essential systems. With a focus on quality, SynQor continues to lead the field of power conversion technology, delivering solutions that power challenging applications globally.

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