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SK hynix, which has secured the highest level of micro process technology through continuous research and development, produces DRAM products with the world’s best performance and stability through strict quality control, latest NAND ash devices such as MLC (Multi Level Cell)/TLC(Triple Level Cell) and CMOS image sensor.


SK Hynix has developed HBM2E DRAM product with what it calls the industry’s highest bandwidth. The new HBM2E boasts approximately 50% higher bandwidth and 100% additional capacity compared to the previous HBM2.


SK Hynix has demonstrated its Zoned Namedspaces (ZNS) SSD offers a 30 percent improvement in speed and reliability and an improved shelf life compared to its previous SSD.

128-Layer 4D NAND

The era of Terabyte (TB) memory is arriving with the innovative development of NAND Flash technology. Especially, with advanced technology in three- dimensional stacking, controller, and firmware, the performance of the NAND solution products for smartphones, PCs, and servers, is showing great improvements in all aspects including power consumption, speed, and stability.

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