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Recent Products

100V Schottky Barrier Diodes

YQ Series

ROHM’s YQ Series 100V Schottky barrier diodes feature low capacitance, forward voltage, and insulation resistance.

EcoGaNTM Power Stage ICs

ROHM’s EcoGaN power stage ICs are ideal for primary power supplies inside industrial and consumer applications.

Rohm 2.jpg

BD7xxL05G-C Series Compact Primary LDOs

ROHM’s compact primary LDOs: Highly stable output voltage, ideal for redundant power supplies.

LMR1901YG-M Op Amp

ROHM’s LMR1901YG-M op amp is ideal for a variety of applications including gas sensor amplifiers and photodiode amplifiers.

RS6xxx/RH6xxx MOSFETs

ROHM’s RS6xxx and RH6xxx MOSFETs are ideal for drive applications that operate on 24V/36V/48V power supplies.


Reference Design

ROHM’s REFFPY002-ORS-001 reference design helps reduce development workload and achieve requested performance. 

650V GaN HEMTs

ROHM"s HEMTs increase efficiency in various power supply systems like servers and AC adapters.

BD8xAxxEFV-M 4-Ch/6-Ch LED Drivers

ROHM's BD8xAxxEFV-M 4-Ch/6-Ch LED drivers: Designed for automotive infotainment displays.

Featured Product Categories

Power Solutions

ROHM offers many solutions in a variety of industries for all your needs; ranging from current detection resistors, 1200V IGBTs, gate drivers and more.

Automotive Solutions

ROHM Semiconductor's high-performance ICs and power devices are essential in the automotive industry's move towards electronification.

Opto Solutions

ROHM's optical solutions can brighten up your latest innovations with LEDs, LED drivers, optical sensors, and more.

About ROHM Semiconductor

Established in Kyoto, Japan in 1958, ROHM specializes in the design and production of semiconductors, integrated circuits and various electronic components, integral to diverse sectors such as wireless technology, computing, automotive and consumer electronics.

ROHM's footprint in the North American market is expanding, with logistical operations based in San Diego, California, a design center in San Jose, California, a quality assurance center in Novi, Michigan. 

With a focus on customization for over forty years, ROHM has partnered closely with equipment manufacturers to develop next-gen products. Leveraging acquired technology, the company offers system solutions to continually provide high value to its customers. The company's in-house development of manufacturing equipment allows it to swiftly adapt to evolving market demands. As a result, ROHM products are widely utilized by leading automotive, telecommunication, computer, and consumer electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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