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Your partner for electronic consultancy

McKinsey Electronics offers consulting and design services in addition to its core distribution services. We provide personalized on the spot consulting by competent field applications engineers to help initiate your project, design and plan your project. We assist you with a schematic design for your electronic circuit design. This includes selecting relevant electronic components based on the product requirements already present. Our field applications engineers will guide you throughout every step of your product development process. Our team contributed to some great innovative applications in IoT, Automotive, Industrial Technologies and Healthcare that tackle day to day problems.

Cattle Monitoring

Sick animals do not display symptoms until they are very ill.  A tracking solution was designed to detect health fluctuations and provide constant monitoring of livestock temperature, movement and other vital signs.

Gateway: SX1301
Transceiver for LoRa Modulation: SX127x

Each animal has biometric and environmental sensors connected to it


Data from all sensors is periodically sent to a gateway wirelessly


Gateway sends info to network server where data is analyzed


Reports are sent and ill animals are identified

Smart Street Lighting

Street lights in large cities are becoming more intelligent. Solutions are developed to better control light usage in order to minimize energy consumption without sacrificing public safety. Lights can be dimmed and controlled through the use of embedded sensors that can detect daylight intensity, cars and pedestrians passing by.

AC Linear Direct Drive of LEDs: TPS92411x (TI)
LED : XLamp family (Cree)
PIC24 MCU (Microchip)
Lora Gateway SX1301
Lora Transceivers SX127x

Sensors embedded in each street light have the ability to detect light functions


Gateway aggregates data from all street lights connected with sensors


Gateway sends information to the cloud where the data is analyzed by an application server


Application server controls lighting

Server sends maintenance alerts for burnt out bulbs and other malfunctions

street lights

Digital Radio

Digital radio offers much better quality sound than FM receivers, and unlike analog radio, is almost immune to noise and interference.

Antenna + RF Receiver(AM,FM) + Digital radio and processing system + Screen

LCD Screen: AIST0524 (Varitronix)

AM, FM Tuner: TDA7705 (ST)

Audio A/D Converter: AD1974 (Analog devices)

Digital radio and processing system-on- chip: SAF360X (NXP)


Sound is converted to digital code


Code is transmitted as digital signal


Digital radio receivers decode and filter all but the digital signal

Noise Cancelling

Noise is discarded for static-free sound on the receiving end

Digital Radio Abstract

Smart Power Meter

Smart meters have been used to measure the instantaneous electrical power per hour (KWh) and other more relevant details such as the power factor by using microcontroller circuit that sends the values to the base station through wireless network technology (Zigbee, Wi ,...). Smart meters monitor energy consumption more precisely, so better energy choices are made. Depending on the features set, the meters may also notify the utility of a power outage or allow the utility to remotely switch electricity service on or off.

MCU: MSP430F family (TI)

Zigbee Transceiver CC2520 (TI)

Current shunt Monitor NCS199xx (ON Semi)

LCD Screen FFSTN/ISTN (Varitronix)

Thunder Gray

Smart meter records energy consumption or power outage

On Off Gray

Information is sent to base station through wireless network technology

Energy consumption is monitored at the utility

Utility is able to remotely switch electricity

Battery low Power

Battery Power Management

Battery Management Systems are the brain behind battery packs. They manage the output, charging and discharging and provide notifications on the status of the battery pack. They also provide critical safeguards to protect the batteries from damage. Some applications include power bank charger, smart phone, tablet, energy storage system, chargers, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), etc. Integrated Li-ION Battery Management: RAJ240xxx (Renesas)

 Integrated Li-ION Battery Management: RAJ240xxx (Renesas)


Manages battery output

Exclamation Mark

Provides notification on battery status


Protects battery from damage

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charging provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge and power millions of electrical devices at home, in the workplace and in industry. By eliminating the use of physical connectors and cables, wireless charging provides better effciency, cost and safety advantages than the traditional charging cable.

Wireless Power Receiver IC: BQ510xxx (TI)

Wireless Power Transmitter IC: BQ500xxx (TI)


Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device

Exclamation Mark

Device uses that energy to change batteries or run itself

Motor System

Motor Control System

Electric motors consume almost 50% of the world’s electricity. With the cost of energy rising steadily, industry is focused on replacing inefficient constant-speed motors with microprocessor-based, variable-speed engines. This new motor-control technology will reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared to the older mechanisms and will increase motor functionality and performance.

Motor control family: MCU CY8C24533(Cypress)

IGBT Driver: ISO5500 (Texas Instruments)

AMR Technology Sensor: ADA4571 (Analog Devices)

Current shunt ampli er: AD84xx (Analog Devices)


Blood Glucose Meter

Blood glucose meters and other home medical devices are nowadays small, portable, and easy to use. There are continuous and discrete (single-test widely used) meters on the market today, and implantable and noninvasive meters are in development.

Sensor + Programmable

System on Chip + Screen

Screen: AFSTN (Varitronix)

Technology: PSoC 3 (programmable embedded system- on-chip): CY8C32xxx (cypress)

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