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MultiLane SAL offers customers greater exibility and capability in their product development with access to the right combination of expertise, process and tools. MultiLane has all the resources to meet your product development and design requirements. Leading developer of instruments and interconnect test modules for 10, 40, and 100 Gbps rates. Products include BERTs, Scopes, and a host of MSA Compliant development tools for CFP, CFP2, QSFP, zQSFP, and 5x7LH modules. Multilane’s products are used to test semiconductors, AOC, electro-optical modules and blades.

The ML4009 is a state of the art 1 Lane 30Gbps BERT (Bit Error Ratio Tester) stand-alone instrument that is fully featured for lab and production testing of systems, components, and Electro-Optical Modules. This low cost instrument is offered in 4 different variants.


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